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The typical AEDP client

Reading an American Psychology Association description of AEDP and came across this description of the typical client for whom AEDP works.

Holy shit. I'm the fucking poster child:

"The typical client with whom AEDP has shown to be highly affective is someone who has (a) a history of trauma or loss, (b) an ability to function, despite his or her considerable difficulties, and (c) some capacity for reflection. Often, through a crisis (such as loss of a loved one, job difficulties, or relationship problems) and the desperation, helplessness, and unhappiness that the crisis brings to the forefront, such people become aware of what they are missing or what is wrong in their lives, which often precipitates the person's decision to seek treatment.

The client with whom a 45 to 60-minute single session of work is most likely to illustrate the quintessential aspects of AEDP at work is someone whose problems and difficulties are the result of the overregulation, rather than the underregulation, of an emotional experience. Such a person tends to put others before him- or herself, his or her self-care takes a back seat to taking care of others; and his or her functioning and responsibilities are at the expense of his or her inner life and personal well-being. Typical AEDP clients can be hyperresponsible and have the identity of being "a trooper" or a "caregiver."

Typical scenarios that bring these clients to treatment are impending crisis; threat of loss (because of illness, death, or the deterioration of a relationship); relationship difficulties; being stuck or dissatisfied in a profession; depression; anxiety; a deep sense of something missing or being wrong in one's life; a sense of malaise, futility, meaninglessness, or being ill-at-ease; or knowing about one's problems and problematic patterns and being unable to change. A history of trauma is not to be ruled out, as it is often a significant aspect of these clients' earlier history. Patients with disorders of the self are ideal for AEDP treatment."
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