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Three and a half years later

So it goes.

In 2008 the biggest news was the hot tub I had just refurbished.

N and Kittery had been living here for a couple of years, Euthymia Electronics had been occupying the living room area of the cottage for the same period of time, and N's niece L was staying in the bedroom of the cottage.

I don't know why I stopped posting to this journal. Did other forms of social media take over? MySpace or something?

What put LiveJournal back on my radar was that I spotted the current tenant of the cottage, Sam, aka posting to his LiveJournal on the old G4 tower I loaned him when his Dell notebook burned up. Oh yeah, LiveJournal!

Things are different now.

N moved out at the end of August. Faced with the financial component of this loss, I decided to move the business back into the front house and fix the cottage up in preparation for market rate rental. Sam is staying there while I do that, and helped with the painting. There's not much left to do, just carpet installation, which is mostly a financial issue.

For now, I have primary custody of Kittery. N's new home is a converted warehouse space in Jingletown that is not as doggy friendly as my place with its huge fenced back yard and the visiting musicians dropping off their amps who Kittery loves to meet.

I don't know who, if anyone, would still be reading this. I participate in a members-only forum where I have been writing extensively about my feelings about N's departure. Writing seems to do me good, so I'm writing some more here.

Cheers if you're reading this!

The spa is still up and running; it became the place of bonding for N and me that I had hoped it would. I couldn't bring myself to soak in it for a while after she left, but I'm back up to a few times a week.

I designed a new tube amp with Bryan Sanborn, my tube supplier. He's working out the final issues around getting it into production. Any week now, as they say.

Euthymia pedals are back in production after about a 9 month hiatus. The dealers are mostly re-upped. Actually picked up a new dealer about a month ago.

I'm working through the program in The Grief Recovery Handbook with splicer. N's departure let loose a tidal wave of grief. I carry a lot of it around.

Take care.
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